Teeth whitening

Prescription drugs, along with other factors such as old fillings, tobacco, coffee, teas and colas also can cause teeth to look dull and stained a condition which can be corrected with tooth whitening. Bleaching is a simple, easy procedure, done at home with supplies we provide.

At home tooth whitening systems has been in practice for many years. It is a relatively simple, inexpensive treatment that is very reliable. For some the improvement is little, while for most it's a lot. There are several systems available that involves making a custom fitted tray that fits over the teeth and holds the whitening solution. This tray is worn for 1-2 hours during the day, each day, for 2-3 weeks or until the maximum effect is reached.

The other two teeth whitening systems that our panel dental professionals offer, one is called Brite Smile and another is Zoom. It is an in-office procedure that accomplishes, in one hour visit, the same result as approximately two weeks of daily wear of the at home technique. The difference is more time in the chair (approximately 1½ hours), and the higher cost.




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